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We have gathered a few frequently asked questions that many clients have asked. If you have any other questions, we happy to answer them all, so drop us a line using the contact form here.

Our answer is simple – when you can.
We’re not just saying that. Yes, some weeks have better weather than other weeks, but the luck of the draw on the weather any particular week is much more significant than the month you’re fishing. You should go when you can.

Yes and No! The fishery is really productive (i.e. tons of fish), so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch fish even if you’ve never fished on the flats before. Of course more skilled anglers will convert on more of their opportunities. The fact is everyone should practice before they go on a flats saltwater trip. When the time comes and we put an angler within 40 feet of tailing fish it is now up to you to make the cast. While on the trip is not the time to practice.

Our sole goal is to create the very best fly fishing experience for YOU! You are our focus. We will have discussions with you about your desire and abilities. What we offer is different. We will be blunt, honest, and only take you on one of our trips if we feel it is a fit for your dreams.

Yes, included in the price of your trip with The Best of the WIld are all your food and drinks for the week, including soft drinks, juice, Limited beer. If you want a really specific liquor (like a single malt scotch) you should bring it along.

Our extensive knowledge of travel and logistics makes for stress free travel. Supported with thorough and complete pre-trip information we are at your service. From start to finish all you need to do is call and we will take it from there.

Not one penny extra. More importantly is we have space at the best times of the season. This is key. Most outfitters need anglers regardless of the history of past seasons.


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"I have fished for Bonefish at every imaginable location. Lost Key Lodge is the pinnacle of remote and unspoiled, yet so close to home. If you are looking for that one huge Bone and monster Permit this is the place.”

– Scot H, Wyoming, USA