Alaska Fly Fishing Trips

Experience guided fly fishing in the most remote locations of Alaska.

We offer:

  • Customized Fly-In/Out Lodge based program located on one of the best trout streams in Alaska. Guided by in house staff
  • Full fly out program from the Alagnak River/Bristol Bay
  • Remote wilderness tent camping on the Alaska Peninsula.

Our Alaska Guided Fly Fishing programs are designed around fishing the best trophy Rainbow Trout streams in Bristol Bay. At the right time.

Limited availability — Will Blair will personally guide anglers  in the spring of 2024.  This will be Will’s 12th year working in Bristol Bay and his 30th season as a full time wilderness guide.  Starting on June 8th, three groups of anglers limited to two anglers per week.

This custom program includes 6 days of fishing with three fly-outs. From the Brooks River to Lower Talarik creek and back to the Alagnak River, we have Bristol Bay covered. Over 20 years of on the ground guiding makes our program the best offered in Alaska.

Remote Rainbow Trout Camp — Helicopter Fly In!

FIVE prime Rainbow Trout WEEKS

Our other Rainbow trout program is owned and operated by one of our oldest most trusted friends.  A tent camp for 4 anglers per week set on one of the last truly remote rainbow streams of Alaska.  This is not a river on every flyout lodges docket.  Each day you will walk out to unfished and pristine stretches of perfect Rainbow trout water.

Coastal Salmon Camp on the Alaska Peninsula

In Late July our outfitter switches gears and sets up his truly wild coastal Salmon program. Set just upstream of the coast set in stunning vistas no other camp in Alaska offers this combination of wild fishing and stunning settings.  Arm tiring amounts of big Chrome bright Silver Salmon.  Floods of Dolly Varden, all straight from the salt water.

Using a helicopter we fly directly from this wilderness camp to a handful of  intimate l rainbow trout rivers. Two fly outs are included in our price.  This is the ultimate in remote.  You will not see other anglers!

We offer programs in the Most Remote Locations of Alaska! — Customized Fly out/River based lodge program located on one of the BEST trout streams in Alaska… Guided by in-house staff.

Please go to our pricing and availability page for details on current dates.  

Fly Fishing in Alaska

Bristol Bay, Alaska, is a name that resonates deeply with anglers around the world, and for good reason. Nestled in theremote wilderness of southwestern Alaska, this region offers an unparalleled rainbow trout fishing experience that draws enthusiasts seeking both the thrill of the catch and the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape.

At the heart of Bristol Bay’s allure lies its pristine and abundant waters. The Bristol Bay watershed is a complex network of rivers, streams, and lakes, all teeming with diverse aquatic life. The rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, is a prominent resident of these waters and has become an icon of sport fishing in the region. Known for their brilliant colors and spirited fights, Bristol Bay’s rainbow trout are more than just a catch; they’re a testament to the unspoiled nature of this remote corner of the world.

Fly fishing is our method for targeting rainbow trout in Bristol Bay. The region’s vast network of rivers and streams presents a myriad of fishing scenarios, from delicate presentations in calm pools to tackling challenging currents in search of trophy-sized trout. The thrill of watching a trout rise to a well-placed dry fly amidst the stunning backdrop of Alaska’s wilderness is an experience that few anglers can forget.

Beyond the fishing itself, Bristol Bay offers an immersive natural experience. The surrounding landscape is a breathtaking blend of towering mountains, expansive tundra, and sprawling boreal forests. Wildlife abounds, with opportunities to spot grizzly bears, moose, eagles, and more. Anglers often find themselves sharing the waters with these majestic creatures, creating a connection to the environment that goes beyond angling.

However, it’s important to note that Bristol Bay’s fishing ecosystem is delicate and requires responsible practices. Catch-and-release fishing is what we do.  Safe and gentle handling especially for larger, older trout will contribute significantly to the population’s genetic diversity. Conservation efforts are crucial to maintaining the health of the rainbow trout population and the overall integrity of the ecosystem.

Rainbow trout fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska, is a dream come true for anglers seeking an authentic and exhilarating angling experience. The convergence of pristine waters, vibrant rainbow trout, and awe-inspiring natural beauty creates a fishing paradise that captures the hearts of all who venture into its depths. Bristol Bay’s allure extends beyond the sport, reminding us of the importance of protecting these wild places for future generations to enjoy and cherish.

"I have fished for Bonefish at every imaginable location. Lost Key Lodge is the pinnacle of remote and unspoiled, yet so close to home. If you are looking for that one huge Bone and monster Permit this is the place.”

– Scot H, Wyoming, USA